Big Farms Get The Bucks

The NGO Action Aid has produced some interesting figures on the subsidies received by wealthy English farmers. They show that four holdings in the UK received direct payments of over 1 million in 1997-8 and another twenty-nine received between half a million and a million. Individual cases include:

Figures from the Court of Auditors show at least twelve individual farmers in at least four member states received CAP related payments of over one million ECU in 1995. One British farmer took the jackpot with a cheque for 2.63 million ECU, while two of the largest arable farmers in Germany received over two million ECU in direct aids. These figures do not take account of any indirect support received through market intervention.

Ranking of area aid recipients in the five largest member states in 1995

1.German farmer, 3.34mECU
2.British farmer, 2.63mECU
3.Spanish farmer, 2.22mECU
4.German farmer, 2.15mECU
5.Spanish farmer, 2.07mECU

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Wyn Grant
United Kingdom