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Referees in the Spanish first and second divisions are now being sponsored by Quiero TV, a digital television company based in Madrid. They worked out that the ref's was the only shirt on the pitch that didn't have a logo and they were often picked up by the cameras. Now the refs in Spain are wearing yellow and black shirts with the company's distinctive 'Q' logo on one sleeve and its name on the front. One odd consequence is that if the ref gets involved in an argument with players, the logo gets more television exposure.

Quiero's sponsorship which runs until the end of the 2004-5 season has cost it 6 million. Of this forty per cent goes to the forty-eight referees and the remaining sixty per cent to a new training college for refs. Each referee has got a 38 per cent pay rise as a result of the deal with the most successful ref earning 36,000 a year compared with a top figure of 31,000 in Britain. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate, though, for the refs to be sponsored by the Spanish equivalent of Specsavers?

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